So How Am I Doin’?

I became a Crossfit athlete at the ripe age of 51.

I was that endurance athlete;  a competitive runner, and to give you an idea of my abilities, my mile time at age 41 was 5:42.

For me, it was always endurance. It’s what I was good at. I never felt comfortable in the gym, so I never learned to lift weights. I could never do a cartwheel, so I never tried gymnastics. I could do squats, but not properly. So I ran; many 5K’s, half marathons, and 3 marathons from which I qualified for Boston every time. Then along came the injuries, then the surgeries, and I switched to cycling during my recoveries. After my cycling accident in 2010, (I stopped the road with my body at 23 mph), I could not raise my left arm over my head and I tore my left hip labrum right next to where it was surgically repaired in June of 2009…

When I moved out to Northern California in June of 2011, a little broken and unsure of myself, my tried and true endurance environment was changed. My local running group was no more. I couldn’t find a team like Zmotion doing metric centuries along A1A every Sunday at 7 am. I did try classes at the local gym, but I was bored.

I knew of  Crossfit but was intimidated by what I’d heard about it when I lived in Florida. At this point… I had nothing to lose. I called Chris at Crossfit Moxie, gave it my best shot, and was hooked at the first visit.

So how am I doin’?

It was easy to judge my progress when I was a runner . There are age groups, when you’re over 40 you’re a master, and over 50 a grandmaster. I always knew who I was competing against and where I stacked up.

But at Crossfit I was working out with college students, young mothers with new babies, and not very many girls my own age (not even masters anymore; seniors now!). How was I to figure out how, or even if, I was properly progressing. Running, track and field have age graded calculations. Did weightlifting?

A quick search led me to There I found the calculations I needed to determine my own ‘formula.’ Just by knowing my body weight in kilograms, the amount of weight I am lifting, and coefficients corresponding to my age and weight, then I just multiply.

For example:

  1. my 200# deadlift in kg = 90
  2. Sinclair coefficient  (female) = 1.306080
  3. Malone-Metzger age corresponding coefficient = 1.271

‘Formula’  = 90kg x 1.308060 x 1.271 = 149.628 kg.

That’s 328#!

I am interpreting that the effort I take to deadlift 200# at the age of 52 is like lifting 328# in my ‘prime’. So how am I doin’? I’m progressing well, thank you very much!

How are YOU doin’?

Here is the link to the tables for the coefficients so you can use the formula for yourself:

Click ‘forms and formulas’ on the left, and open the Sinclair and the Malone-Metzger formulas.

Happy calculations!

Ellen Bloome, PT


Senior Fitness Specialist

CrossFit-L1 Trainer



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