Form Embodies Function (or, The Rebirth of My Rotator Cuff Stability)

Form embodies Function

Activation facilitates Form

Therefore; Function REQUIRES Activation!

This was my thought process while I was running my weekly trail run. (I was also thinking about how trail running parallels life lessons, but that’s gonna be for another post..)

And then life’s irony biggest fear since my surgical shoulder repair…I tripped and fell. My right toe caught a rock, and I fell….into a perfect plank position, arms locked out, my body board-like and tense, and the momentum halted.

And I was okay,

I AM okay! My shoulder is a little sore but its not torn again. I stopped for a few seconds to check it out, and then was on my was down the side of the steep hill feeling nothing but gratitude for my strength coach Ben Cobian’s words and ‘turn on’ my hips and shoulders, to BE the tension before I touch the bar, to relearn proper form and neuromuscular control. I’ve been practicing and working to do just that. The activation has become automatic. My strength and stability will only improve going forward!



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